Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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To H. G. Wells

by Perry L. Powell

no green comet arrived bringing contagious sanity
but neither did the Martians

men landed on the moon without Cavorite
but found it a dead rock and soon forgot it

only the military seek invisibility
while we still travel but one direction in time

we discover the humanity of our animals
even as we've discover the beast within us

the rich still find themselves deserving?
intrinsically so, of much they never earned

the poor still bitterly gag
on a resentment that shames and enrages

socialism, they proclaim, has failed
(though people live well in Scandinavia)

human rights stay under threat
despite the UN and your Declaration

where are the new Fabians?
where is that muscular science that would teach us reason?

there is no boomfood to make us great
and the stars still wait.

© 2014 Perry L. Powell

Perry L. Powell has been published in a number of online and hard-copy magazines. If you donít count comic books, H. G. Wells was the first author all of whose work he read. As a much older man he just re-read all the novels and saw new things in them.

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