Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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An old grey god

by ayaz daryl nielsen

an old grey god sighs,
his drunk acolyte's
mumbled devotion
in a window well of
another dead-end
just enough room
for both of them

© 2014 ayaz daryl nielsen

Daryl Nielsen, husband, father, veteran, ex-roughneck (as on oil rigs) and hospice nurse, editor of bear creek haiku (24+ years/119+ issues), poetry's homes include Lilliput Review, The Stray Branch, Dead Snakes, Shamrock, SCIFAIKUEST, Shemom. Ensembles include Concentric Penumbras of the Heart and Tumbleweeds Still Tumbling, released 2013's anthology The Poets of Bear Creek. Beloved wife/poet Judith Partin-Nielsen, worthy assistant Frosty, and bearcreekhaiku.blogspot.com.

(translates as joie de vivre).

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