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December 2023 / January 2024
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Journey Of The Alien Vampire

by Denny E Marshall

Vampire creature
Pilots ship near her home world
With many others

Typing on keyboard
Enters training coordinates
One extra keystroke

To many hours pass
Late noticing the mistake
Lost from the main fleet

Sets course manually
Feeling the pressure and stress
Shifts wrong direction

Now further away
Alone is uncharted space
Howls alien tears

As the months go by
Lost in times isolation
Finds solar system

Warning alerts ring
Almost out of rocket fuel
Looks for place to land

In the nick of time
Located a blue planet
While running on fumes

Setting the angle
Rides into the atmosphere
Crash landing in field

Connects a cable
Hides the spacecraft in tall trees
Covers with branches

Locates a dark cave
Spends a few hours sleeping
Waiting for the night

Refreshed and hungry
Now thirsty for fresh warm blood
Starts a search for food

Hiking down a path
Walks upon a small village
Soon the feast begins

Moving door to door
Spend entire night killing
All in the small town

Horror discovered
Now a target of many
Hunted like a dog

As tracked by posse
Did not understand the sin
Of wanting a meal

In the deep forest
After days finally cornered
Butchered to pieces

Different culture
Could not explain to the mob
Ways of her home world

Alien body
Now laying dead and bloody
Burning in a fire

The search party sent
Located their lost shipmate
To late for a rescue

Officers on deck
Reviewing recorded footage
Make plans for landing

Vampire creatures
Begin attacks for revenge
And months of feasting

© 2013 Denny E Marshall

Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction published. Denny does not have a Facebook page or Twitter account but does have a website with previously published works.

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