Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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I Was There

by Robin B. Lipinski

Battle of ground, covered bare with the flow of corruption
They came to take what was, they came to take it all

Away in distant lands, different worlds, sat a mother wondering, a father remembering

Yesterday was a moment for growing, a forest tall,
healthy, and vibrant,
surrounded by emerald sea filled with singing mermaids,
sirens riding, whales toll the bell,
elves weaved magic, while dragons created suns.

Suns darkened by stain of disbelief,
folded flowers drained of warmth.
Imps imprisoned of ground,
battle of ground, covered bare with the flow of corruption.

Armor torn asunder,
sword buried deep,
eyes piercing eternity while the whiteness of belief replaced death...
Winged horse Pegasus taking freedom again towards the North Star.
I know
I was there.

The end of magic, of logic, of mankind's madness: 'they' came to take it all away.

© 2014 Robin B. Lipinski

Robin B. Lipinski claims to be addicted to writing. It helps that his good dreams are other people's nightmares. There is not much to know about him other than he shares this planet with you and others.

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