Aphelion Issue 277, Volume 26
October 2022
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Or, thoughts upon: From Business Owner to Employee

by Richard Tornello

I went to sleep with two
and woke up here with with four.
I was married to a woman once,
now, I'm scratching at the door.
Where I did what I wanted then,
now, I do as I am told.
This reincarnation stuff
quickly, can get old.

But here, wherever here might be
things are slightly different, see?
From what the used to be
to the way things are.
Communication, a two way street
mental telepathy, is ordinary speech.
I understand my boss, as she does me.
It's just the roles have changed with added benefits, I see.
No misunderstandings here, no guesses of what's supposed to be.
The rules are set, procedures down, any idiot can work this crowd.
It's pretty simple, just get the knack, It ain't brain surgery Jack.

I went to sleep with two
and now woke up with four.
Maybe Kafka went to hell,
too bad.
I think I hear the bell!
The mail man's at the door.

© 2013 Richard Tornello

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