Aphelion Issue 287, Volume 27
September 2023
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The Temptation of Experience

by Jean Jones

Eve: You are about to taste experience.

Tell me:
What fruit of experience have you tasted
that was the most bittersweet of all?

You say God will not punish you?
You say that you will live forever as a result?
You say that you will not die?

Then taste it, taste the knowledge of good and evil
that will send you into this world,
where time is temporal, where no one speaks except to
themselves where death is real, where union is only temporary,
and all that exists is yourself and nothingness. . .

Are you so sure you wish to be free, to live life in this world,
where all you have are choices and consequences?

Tell me what evil is, or how to live?
Tell me who the devil is, or who has lived?

"I shall eat because I want to."

So be it, my Queen. Reap as you sow.
You shall eat because you want to.

I have no time to pity you.
Welcome to this earth.

© 2013 Jean Jones

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