Aphelion Issue 296, Volume 28
July 2024 --
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Abandoned Armored Troopers

by Peter Ong

The neighboring planet, rings slightly tilted diagonally from lower left to upper right, stared back with no concern for the two abandoned armored troopers. He bit his lower lip, leaned his head forward to allow his eyes to track two sets of footprints converging to a point on the horizon seven miles away, their presence three hours ago. His mind thought of various poems he read as a youngster that may fit the melancholy scene. One came to mind as he tilted his head back again to gaze at the heavenly body.

Stare in wonder at this distant barren land,
Torn and bare from centuries of time.
Who can call this place a waste? This place forgotten?
The distance lies not one but two of nothing,
The past lies what you have seen,
The future lies only time.

© 2013 Peter Ong

Peter Ong writes poetry, non-fiction articles, product and travel reviews, fiction, and short stories and also creates digital art using Photoshop. He lives in Northern California.

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