Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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The Uncertainty of the Certainties

by Mark Edgemon

The Uncertainty of the Certainties;
The consequence of the sequence of our actions,
Lay before us like cookies on a baking sheet,
Which are never easy and rarely right.

Our lives, with a thousand alternate decisions,
Shaping and reshaping ourselves with every thought,
Finds us striving to forever reach the knowledge of the unknown.
But we never understand the Truth we refuse to face.

The purpose of the caring heart is to avoid pitfalls
As best we can, by our ambivalent decisiveness,
That falls upon us; moreover are forced upon us,
As life moves forever around and through us.

Can we stop to ponder? No! There is no room; no time.
There are too many bystanders waiting behind us for our place in line.
We march proudly on a thin invisible thread, fearful of making the wrong choice
Or worse yet, making no choice, which IS a choice within itself.

So, where is that inner voice when we truly need Him?
He is likely scathing over our last thousand transgressions.

© 2013 Mark Edgemon

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