Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Party of Four

by Rob Wynne and Jeffrey Williams
To The Tune Of "All Along The Watchtower" by Bob Dylan

"I just don't see a way into here,"
Said the cleric to the thief.
"This keep is too well defended,
With its iron and stone motif.
All these walls are much too high,
The courtyard far too wide.
Unless you've somehow learned how to fly,
There is no way inside."

"No reason to get discouraged,"
The thief he softly spoke.
"There are many doors to pass through,
And all these locks are but a joke.
But you and I, we've fought the hordes;
their treasure is our due.
So let us not speak loudly now,
It's time to sneak on through."

Down below the watchtower
There was a secret door.
While the guardsmen paced and prowled,
Inside slipped the four.

Deep inside the cold dungeon
A wandering monster passed.
The warrior pulled out his sword,
And the mage began to cast...

This Dungeons and Dragons filk was started by Jeff with the opening lines, which he sent Rob in an instant message. While the song is by Dylan, the filk is most certainly of Jimi Hendrix's iconic cover. Now if only Rob could actually play it like that. :)

© 2013 Rob Wynne and Jeffrey Williams

Robert Wynne ("Doc") is a gentleman rogue and a scholar of truth. He has been, at alternate times, a writer, an editor, a salesman, a teacher, a freelance computer consultant and a charming vagrant. He freelances as Aphelion's resident Webmaven. His musings may be read at www.autographedcat.com

While herding a sturdy diesel across the highways of life Jeff Williams dreamed of becoming a writer. In between haunting railroad yards he scribbles cryptic notes on slightly-used paper napkins and posts them off to his colaborator, Rob Wynne. They brainstorm these abstruse anagrams into the tales that you've just been reading. And people say the youth of America have no goals in life.

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