Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Bullet Train

by Richard Tornello

Tracked to the siding.

The bullet train on the main line's vein
the light bright aiming-flashing throughout the night
the empire's TECHSPECIAL on maglev shoots bye.

Me? no bird-talk I, no in your face-look I…to the dust bin I,
and lucky if a foot note I, and
I know and accept, step-back-step out, still
connected, linked in to what?
a luddite not, I say
hire those to play, one step removed but still guilty by taxation.
and no fascination enough, just mental inertia,
while my granddaughter runs her hands across the magic screen,
mouth agape just like that intelligent ape
2001 ages ago,
a bullet through the brain
instant awareness. Death, to the siding sent.

A shooting star flashes across the night sky,
and yet I smile.
I know.

© 2013 Richard Tornello

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