Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Our Superior Criminal Justice System in the Abell 520 Cluster

by Richard Tornello


In our system we got people polentas that don't believe in social schizo-phren-ia.
They know for sure that it's not true, but here's a secret from me to you:
Instead of corporeal head and hands
we double up for crime and punishments
(and of course, for our amusement).
We have the methods and the means
to make one person into two sets of genes.
If you've been really, really bad, and made the populous super mad,
committing crimes against the state,
they drain your brain, there is no pain
and the you that's you
we inside put alike
another, and that's your fate.
And then, and then, and then
the two of you have each other to begin debate
and enjoy the mental masturbate.
It's been found, . . . on crime, . . . we've cut it down
by creating internal division and confusion within those minds
and mostly harmless as can be,
to those like you and those like me.


But, however, in some cases, whom and whatever,
for really truly bad ones, we, in our far off galaxy
light years buzzed away replaces,
2.4 billion I think I heard them say
to an outlying galaxy,
to be precise,
and well, all right,
not to offend the rest, or destroy the peace we might,
to do the same for you, you know, the insane and put in your place
Your place the ability to do a mental double space,
but there,
oh my!
But there from what we can hear and see
insanity is of another, higher, well practiced degree!
For example, I beg to sample:
Politicians and myth based leader's concepts alien to us
ideology, framed to claim and claim to flame,
much selling, and thus
your minds from constant bombardment's hype, mush
from said such leaders of thoses stripes
we find enough times stated, tripe
in fact becomes a fact.
The lies and products reeling, reeling in the catch
and in truth such outlandish crap
to snare the rabbit mind abounded
and with double speak confounded.


We've been there and now we're here. We've been most every place my dear.
But schizo wacko church and state, on your rock, though inchoate,
and given prominence, such off the wall, it's a wonder you think at all.
Launching missiles to the sky,
you'd rather each other in real-time view and "like them" die.

And back home even a nut-case wouldn't dare conceive
what your thinkers have you believe.
Sometimes I wonder where it's worse
Abell 520 or here on Earth?
But here you are arrested for:
a book in public
stating / claiming girls,
of all things,
are equal subjects!
whose god is real and what it whispered in some said ear,
Math for ages of the planet
Claimed as truth, can you believe it?!
And numbers thrown out willy nilly
to reconcile financial malfoolsense
by a congress of ninnys in attempts to appease us.

So the idea of doubling up
might on my planet be just fine.
But here, but here, dear reader.
without our help
you do just fine.

© 2013 Richard Tornello

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