Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Madrid Falls Again

by Richard Tornello

The skin stretched thin, over the middle, splits as the force of the plates realign.
New rivers, new oceans, old lands raised/re-viewed
while the basket of bread shared and split for dinner above and below the salt, overspread
water instead.
E pluribus Unum and others undone
Chaos is all but begun.
Who will survive? I can not realize but the few and far between.
Best to set sail and run before the gale, though late?

Islands will drown countries come down
New order not on old toes stand.
Your bet as good as mine terraformed,
And an old trick or two learned.

Ice will be gone and steam lives on
limited power for some.

© 2013 Richard Tornello

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