Aphelion Issue 274, Volume 26
July 2022
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Thoughts on Land Fills

by Richard Tornello

The body-planet the planet-body-odor.
Of civilization's stench, its rise-demise,
through space and time
escapes from gravity's strict confines.

Like sailors on the open sea, a wind correction
and land is known, and what direction,
the sensors on the spacecraft shown
sublime, thousands of earth year's time.
Past heliosphere, deep space blocked by bubbles brine
to view to guess to hedge a bet?
To arrive and view the fate of beasts
or sentient beings well worth greeting.
just another on it path, like many
tribal global orbs, lost in greed and wars.
Will it then, location marked in red
at all costs avoided, quarantined instead.
A shame, except for arts and music, their loss
to nature, a slight amusement.

(And not to write on a copies' infringement,
A constructor fleet will be sent to clear it).

© 2012 Richard Tornello

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