Aphelion Issue 274, Volume 26
July 2022
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by Mike Berger

Thick vapors distilled around me.
Fear ricocheted down my spine.
Billowing clouds hung like a
funeral shroud, stealing my breath.

Through the swirling mist, two bright
yellow eyes appeared. What ever it
was it was coming my way and fast.
Those eyes grew larger and larger.
Too afraid to turn and run; tethered
to the Earth like a post.

A low growl grew louder as the eyes
grew closer and closer. My heart was
in my throat; my knees turned to
Jell-O. Closing my eyes and shaking
my head, I hope it was a dream.

Standing alone in that dense fog, I
resigned myself to my fate. The
thing was upon me. I could stand
no more; my hands covered my eyes.

The loud roar shook the ground, then
it passed me by. Staring deeply into
the shroud, I could make out the
vague image of a Volkswagen bug

© 2012 Mike Berger

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