Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Fuzzy Thing

by Mike Berger

A 6.0 earthquake rocked the desert.
A fuzzy hideous creature was released
from the fault.

Trapped for millennia of time, it was
savagely hungry. It scavenged everything
to sate its hunger.

Plant or animal, it didn't matter what it
ate. Acres of desert scape were decimated;
devoid of life.

Gobbling lizards, snakes, and rats it
polished them off. It snarfed down a
Juniper tree in three or four bites.

Conning an old prospector, it said that
it had a cactus spine in its wisdom tooth.
It ate him in three monster bites.

Not satisfied, the creature ate the old
prospector's mule, and ate a dozen
cacti for dessert.

The heat on the desert was blistering;
it reached 120 degrees. Beneath its layer
of hair, the monster sweltered.

The animals in desperation, fled to higher
ground. Deprived of food the creature
shrieked in hunger.

The thing couldn't go on like this, it was
starving. There must be greener pastures.
Now he's on the highway thumbing North.

© 2012 Mike Berger

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