Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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by John M. Marshall

Suspended in space I clung to a rope
strung between the stars and the Earth,
a magic thread between the water and the fire,
swaying below me in the whistling wind.

Descending the rope through a saffron mist
I saw the gates of the world
and behind the Gates of Orion
the form of a man who held three masks.

The man's name was Metatron;
and the names of the masks were Supernal Voice,
Great Teacher,
and Servant of The Face.

He carried five keys
that were like sparks of electricity.
I could not look at them nor hold them.
Hence, he gave me five numbers in their place:

Through the One are all things begun.
Within the Three are all of divinity.
Contained in Five the paracletes survive.
By the Seven were constructed Earth and Heaven.
In the lights of Ten writes the master pen.

© 2012 John M. Marshall

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