Aphelion Issue 274, Volume 26
July 2022
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Zombie Pets

by Mike Berger

Animals too, rise from the dead.
Let me relate the tale of Rover,
a zombie dog. A disappointing
mutt mortal life, with a shiny coat
and a friendly wag of the tail. Arising
from the dead, it underwent a
marvellous transformation.

It rose with a shaggy, mangy coat
filled with festering sores. It growled
at anything that moved and would
viciously attack; its fangs tearing
and ripping.

Friends learned to love that dog when
it chewed on their leg. Rover would
redouble his efforts with my friends
shrieked with delight.

The poor creature would whimper and
whine when there was no one to bite.
It was an ideal guard dog, it is brutally
savage when it smelled a human being.

© 2012 Mike Berger

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