Aphelion Issue 274, Volume 26
July 2022
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by Robin Lipinski

Buggered up and knocked down,
glancing blow to the chin.
Bruised knuckles and ego as the hammer meets the thumb.

A squalling baby with colic.
An old man with arthritic feet.
A lady with breast cancer.
Situations seeming so dire, to say the least.

2013, another year filled with murphy's law and more numbers.
Numbers of situations beyond logical control as if by magic, tragedy rules it all.
Even the solar flares are fickle, looming large and hot,
waiting for such the right situation to toast the whole human lot.

Species of man standing tall, placing priority in everyday things,
crying of pain when ill or losing a job,
smiling when full of food or lost in lust with a weekend fling,
failing to notice the obvious above,
a cloudless sky lit bright, and growing brighter so,
even on the dark side of the planet,
there will be light.

Taxes and STD's,
government and politician's,
cranky spouse, lover, partner,
mounting bills,
crying children,
missing reports...
An ever growing list of the obvious modern day life and now this,
this Sun having a tantrum,
or at least that's what I'm told.

Who cares as I only care with what I can hold,
this messed up world of pain is enough to try and make sense...
What's that blue glow?
Damn, that scientist was right,
there will be no more pain tonig...

the end (of a planet that has more to worry about than man-made global warming)

© 2012 Robin Lipinski

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