Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Tree of Knowledge

by Robin Lipinski

Are you awake and do you know it?
Answer carefully as the question is at stake.
Your question now, pertaining to philosophy?
Better yet, ask the ancestoral monkey why they swung in trees.

An organism; intricate, alert, learning about what it takes,
so many worlds, so many lives, so much for the mind to think.
Humanoid, Zarthin, La G, sounding more like science fiction,
if you ask me...

Me, as in, I,
I ask again, "Are you awake and do you know it?"
Look to historical lore, the myth; not the answer?
Search the word-wide-web,
better yet, ask your mother or father.

Superstition or fact,
reality or a play,
words of learned memory,
and still you can't make.

Your answer is based on a mere existence
maybe only a few seconds or as much as one-hundred years.
You base it on what you see, read, or what you heard...
Are you truly just another beast, a member of the herd?

Proud little human aren't (translation:299482-a220) you,
so young at only less than one-million years,
and now you think you know all the answers.

What meanings matter the most when cells divide is really nothing of import
when matter deals with something such as I
an intellect older than old.

Numbers mean nothing
time means nothing
nothing of your being means one little bit to me, you, a byte, a dot, a dash.
And still, through it all, you cannot answer,
are you awake and do you know it?

To help you while you still sleep,
secure in your pitiful belief,
a clue.
You, you who are what you are,
a particle of dust swept away,
you will never wake...

For if you were awake you would know what is written here truly does not matter,
that to communicate with pure knowledge
would elevate you higher than life.

© 2012 Robin Lipinski

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