Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Quantum Mechanics

On Strike!
by Richard Tornello

My I-pad won’t work and I ain’t no jerk.
My screen stopped scrolling, and my keyboard’s corroding.
My FiOS and bios are fried.
Quantum Mechanics on strike!

As for craft in the heavens and jets that fly,
that fly by wire and computer alighted?
Just tumble, down from the sky.
Quantum Mechanics on strike!

An approach broached, grounded and not theoretical.
Controlled-through by digital, your autos mechanical,
now crashing, bashing and thoroughly smushed.
Quantum Mechanics on strike!

QED and Maxwell’s equations,
the keys to life’s situations?
Quantum Mechanics on strike!

An end as you know it.
To the 19th century, or earlier?
You’ll go it!
Quantum Mechanics on strike!

Still got gravity’s push
It ain’t all that much.
But without it, good-bye tush.
Quantum Mechanics on strike!

We want parity with reality.
No spin around, no up, and no down.
No lucky charms or Feynman yarns.
A union with relative’s theology!
Quantum Mechanics on strike!

It may take some work.
We know you’re not jerks.
We’re not diabolical,
just quantum mechanical.
So give us the same:
relativity’s unity claimed.

Quantum Mechanics on strike!

© 2011 Richard Tornello

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