Aphelion Issue 274, Volume 26
July 2022
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Zombie Prom

by Mike Berger

Our daughter was radiant in her new prom gown.
She's not the most hideous girl in her class, but
she has a drab personality. Her dress was made
used gunny sacks; it cost an arm and at leg. We
paid extra to have it splattered with soot and
tattered in random places.

A doting mother fussed over her; it took several
hours to do her hair. It was perfect, a matted
mess. Great care was used applying her white
base makeup. Her mother didn't want to cover
up her beauty spot, an oozing sore on her cheek.
Her lip gloss came from the gunk from rotting fish.
Perfume was the essence of rancid butter.

To our great surprise, Her date arrived driving a
car that was a survivor of a the demolition derby.
He was a handsome kid, missing his lower jaw.
His hair was slicked down with used motor oil.

We were in awe with the corsage he brought. It
was a withered black rose. It must have cost an ugly
penny. As her mother saw her standing there ready
to go,. Her own prom night came vividly to her mind.
She belched out that she was going along to chaperone.

© 2012 Mike Berger

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