Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Target Earth

by Robin Lipinski

Daydreaming of the moment, of such wonderful things,
little green men from Mars,
even those other creatures coming from the stars,
to land on planet Earth to say, "Greetings."

Primitive man with their shiny metal cars, living in wooden and glass caves, slaves, one-and-all.
Peering towards the heavens thinking of trying to understand,
knowing only what it is to feel, see, and hear; blind to most logic and reason.

Bikini Atoll was but a test,
a towering cloud of achievment,
showing an experimental success.

The dust has not yet settled while mankind has not yet evolved,
an experiment vast and beyond measure growing in a petri-dish environment,
waiting for a splash of what's coming next.

Soon, as the species bears fruit and humans are ready to spread wings and fly,
there comes a new substance,
one proving to the Universe that only one can survive,
and that one will not be this planet or humans.

© 2012 Robin Lipinski

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