Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Zombie from the Putrid Blog

by Mike Berger

Rumors ran rampant, an arch criminal
took refuge in the putrid blog. Law men
searched everywhere, but he couldn't be

They say you the bog swallowed him up
and turned him into a zombie. On moonless
nice, he rises from the murk. You know he is
there, you can smell him a mile away.

The few people who have seen it and have
lived to tell, say he wears a surly smile.
When the moon is full, he clumps his way
into town.

Townsfolk hide behind locked doors as he
plods along down Main Street. They say he
is seeking revenge, looking for the police
that chased him into the swamp.

When he can't find a policeman sleeping in
his car he moves on. Stopping at the all-night
deli, he orders a Reuben sandwich and a
diet coke.

© 2012 Mike Berger

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