Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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The Vision of Delphica

by John M. Marshall

Sapphire blue is my heavenly root,
blue of font and blue of lake.
It gathers space in its spiral web
and wraps the ground in its waxing robe.

Raven black is my star-honed thorn,
black of earth and black of stone.
It pricks the hand of death with life,
and sews the cloth of time with breath.

Crimson red is my sun-forged flower,
red of blood and red of fire.
It floods the fields with shades of grace
and steeps the sky in seraphic spice.

Sea foam white is my moon-mulled fruit,
white of snow and white of milk.
It forms the egg of earthly dreams
and bears the seed of celestial thrones.

Emerald green is my cloud-cast crown,
green of tree and green of vine.
It speaks to shadows in the tongues of night
and touches the air with wings of light.

© 2012 John M. Marshall <

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