Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Foreign World of Pain

by Robin Lipinski

Cold barren plain.
Void of water,
life sustaining nutrients,

Fallen to this world by the choices I alone have made.
No one coming, no one can.
Alone with my demons,
some would say,
a curse.

Everywhere I look, no hope.
Gravity crushing despair.
With last able moments of energy,
I crawl.

No matter the direction, the horizon ends in an impregnable wall.
Above is a sky of white filled with multiple suns.
Yet still I squirm.

Finally I can take no more.
I surrender to sleep, one that will prove an eternity.
With my last waking gasp I say,
"I've finished all my beer, I fell, I can't get up."

the end (or until the next happy hour)

© 2012 Robin Lipinski

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