Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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The Were-Wife

by Jim Gardner

Come, thou stranger, come and see
the lair and danger that comforts me.

She rises from our bed so fair
with silken limbs and golden hair.

Poem, how strange her speech to me.
Roam; how strong her magics be.

There she stands with out-stretched hands
Among The Clan she growls our plans.

Ruler of dark timberlands,
Pale Wolf-Queen that holds my hand

Wine red lips until The Moon
Beckons her and all too soon

We are running; she ranges far
demanding every cloud and star

bow to fang and fury be;
leads our gang but still loves me.

Then come the sun; she’s mine again
safe within our cozy den.

See, thou stranger, those gauze-gray eyes
and hear the danger of her sighs

Warm embraces comfort buys,
but cross My Love and you will die.

'Tis safe tonight the moon is gone.
She hears the comfort of my song.

Musics, magics intertwine
moaning softly she is mine.

Go, thou stranger, go tell all.
Spread our fear to great and small.

That here she stands and holds my hand
wolf and man and awful clan.

Rulers of dark timber stand
wolf and man both hand in hand.

Wine red lips I press with mine
The Pale Wolf-Queen my love I find.

Her danger is a gift you see
Pale Wolf-Queen beloved be.

© 2012 Jim Gardner

Jim Gardner is a trained engineering draftsman with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a former US Army helicopter pilot, veteran of the Vietnam War; for thirty-seven years and some 25,000-flight hours a helicopter/airplane/airline pilot, Flight Instructor, Flight Engineer, etc. He is  familiar with many sorts of machinery, weaponry, combat et al, but two years ago became a Christian clergyman.

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