Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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My Sister

by Richard Tornello

My granpa is a scientist so I think he knows best.
My mother says granpa can be a pest.
I still think granpa knows and he says my sister is a robot
She crashes and falls
Granpa says software’s default.
I tell everybody I meet.
They look at me and smile sweet,
so I know I’m right.

When she, in the mid night cries
Granpa say she’ll reboot.
Daddy says both he’s going to shoot.

I know others have the same.
My sister Kendall is her name.
And I see on the screen’s video
that Barbie as her Kendall too.

Maybe she is a beta, like granpa says.
And we can return her for an upgrade
when the next model is made.

In the mean time
I have yet to find the off button.
And believe me I’ve tried.
But every time I push, she cries.

Mommy says don’t listen to granpa
She’s not a robot.
She’s your sister and her, you can’t reboot.
And I’m going to put my boot
in that crazy old coot.

© 2012 Richard Tornello

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