Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Don't Cry, Little Robot

by Kevin Long

Oh don't cry
Little Robot
It's not, it's not, it's not your fault
What you did
What you said
Who you hurt,
Well, they made you
They made you
So badly
Let the blame
Hang upon their heads
While they fight
With the cops
You can just go back to bed

Don't cry, little robot

You know it's
Not your fault
You're from
Like Frankenstein
With Fashion Sense
And really who
Can blame ya?
The Lit Torch
And pitchforks
Looming past the fence
They'll kill you
But they can't
Teach you
Common sense

So don't cry little robot
Don't cry, don't cry.

© 2012 Kevin Long

Kevin Long is an amateur SF author from Nebraska, and a singer/songwriter in several bands over the years. He tends to prefer original songs to covers becuase no one knows if you screw them up. He tends towards SF-themed songs (including some filk) because he likes SF, and love songs are boring. He has recently E-published his first anthology of short stories, "Ice Cream and Venom," on Amazon in Kindle Format.

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