Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Blind Date

by Mike Berger

The online dating service arranged
a blind date. Ringing the bell on her
apartment, a gorgeous zombie
answered the door. The delicate
aroma of rotting flesh surrounding
her. She had fascinating white
sunken eyes. Her slinky gray dress
revealed an acre of decaying

Asking her where she wanted
to go, she replied that she wanted to
go to your favorite club for a drink.
We sat in a back secluded booth;
she ordered a glass of turpentine.
Swishing it, she savored the aroma.
Drinking deeply she said that it was
a good year.

She was in an amorous mood, running
her bony fingers over my hand. She said
that she would like some pillow talk.
We sat on the couch in her apartment.
She pressed her body on mine:
Over come by her gangrene perfume,
I began nibbling on her ear. She
giggled when passion flared and I
nibbled off her ear.

© 2012 Mike Berger

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