Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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A Goblin’s Work Is Never Done

by Stuart Sharp

A goblin’s work is never done
When hench-ing every day
There’s very little time for fun
And very little pay

The armoury is cleaned wholesale
When our dark master likes
Ignoring those who get impaled
Upon the armour’s spikes

The cohorts must be kept in beer
The priests in helpless wenches
But goblins have to drag them here
It’s tough here in the trenches

Then there’s the time we spend prostrate
Begging Dark Lords’ favour
When in a more well governed state
We would withdraw our labour

Take grovelling, it takes its toll
On goblin knees and backs
But masters who say ‘heads will roll’
Do not just mean the sack

So we brave goblins soldier on
Our pension funds at zero
The saga writers have it wrong
We’re fantasy’s real heroes

© 2012 Stuart Sharp

Stuart Sharp is a writer, ghostwriter and editor living in East Yorkshire. His comic fantasy novel Court of Dreams is published by Pink Narcissus press.

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