Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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The Night’s Mare

by John Marshall

Breaking through the clouds at the speed of light:
starry-hoofed, comet-crowned
Queen of night.
Wraith-breathéd dragonfly,
how she rushes by
windows of the soul in the midst of flight!

Lightning flashes from her gossamer wings.
Thunderous sounds
from her feet she flings.
Star-stream voyager,
brighter than a meteor,
swiftly ‘round the moon’s pale sickle she swings.

Knocking at the door of secret dreams,
ecstasies of childhood
she fervently redeems.
Running like a whirlwind,
hastening the night’s end,
magically she fades into dawn’s gold beams.

© 2011 John Marshall

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