Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Disbelieveability-Jump Drive

by Richard Tornello

Disbelievability-jump Drive
To power across the universe.
To power to cross the mind’s access.
Instantaneous, time is no solid object.
Non-local communication.
Non-local transportation
from Harry to Trek to Narnia and back,
in seconds.
Driven by the Disbelievability-jump Drive Theory.
Power from a chair into a book, a computer, it doesn’t matter.
From little Jack Horner to Homer and Babble,
allows belief in many a “fact”
of god and spirits, from prophets and idiots
to be twisted, turned and flipped on their backs.
The Disbelievability-jump Drive
Most powerful theoretical force in the known universe.
It’s dark, it’s light, and when played? just right!
The might.
Actions resulted, take a look and see: history stunted
the course of the river’s reversed.
You laugh when you read it.
You cry when you see it.
To make matters worse,
you actually believe it…
at least for a time and a time.
Words on a page, the thoughts in your mind,
visions on a screen, the memories lingering remain
a reality, not necessarily denied.
The use of this force, has altered the course
Of the history’s line from the beginning of time.
At the Gates Of Heavenly Peace
Mao and Confucius face to face.

© 2011 Richard Tornello

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