Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Travel Log

by Richard Tornello © 3D+1

I have no roots. I belong no where. Home is here and I adapt to where ever that is.
Sometimes I take up with a family and stay awhile allowing myself to be adopted, if only
for a time.

We play, we eat, we fight, and we love, as if it is real. Only I know or willing to admit to
myself that its temporary, a brief encounter, to be lived, enjoyed, then move on to the
next. If it were so easy, when it comes, like the birds the knowledge of the seasons
change, time to go.

Letting go, starting over, and over, life time after life time, the sadness of learning old
and new, the sadness of the left behind.

Not knowing where my next landing will be is always a question unanswered until, a
scare, a time to reorganize, and there I am. This I that I speak of this temporary 3D+1
being, so limiting a brane but so much fun.

A change, I will work a change. I think I would like to see and live say 5 minutes in this
future, ahead of this existence, in this place, within this brane. Having done this, having
contemplated it, THAT reality in a 3+1. This place, “get behind me.” To modify a quote
from some brain.
Another thought…not behind me but curl up, re-place and let this one open.

5 minutes ahead, what a thought, what a life, do I need to bring a whole reality with me, a
pioneering effort, no thing here but, But what? Solid or not? Take some technology; take
some land, a doublewide simple and strong, and no tornadoes, back and forth for
supplies? What lies ahead, what goes on past in a nonlinear life living linearly?

Seeming time, a line, a restriction to the 3D+1 when in fact it’s all at once; beyond that
description, that I, that me I mentioned, that self consciousness, is in fact part of a more
total consciousness connected, immediate unbounded, no desire, for what can be desired
when everything is, even the not, and beyond those word abstractions, these place
holders, mental anchors, for the 3D+1 mind.

The wall, the brane that holds the 3D+1 in place, a long eternity of time, a Planck length,
away never seen, a pop-top, a peel away and then and there, it all, not disappears, it never
changes, uncurled, never having disappeared to begin with, for me to “see”. The unity,
that’s what 5 minutes in front of time brings?

Eyes wide shut clear as day. I turn and see, up down back and front, knowing that all
sense and feel it, too incidental, “welcome”, knowing that fact also and letting it fall
away, the boat best abandoned.

© 2010 Richard Tornello

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