Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Evolution Unbound

by N. J. D. L. Rowark

Question pondered, elusive conclave
To find the route from conscious slave.
Wriggle and twist, a peak to rinse
Of night and day from dreamlike glimpse.

Our hands reach out for greater scope
Eyes blinkered, taught to sight elope.
Souls form afloat in social sea
Without the buoy of mystery.

But chosen few see beyond it walls
Can change the way, the line of tools.
Fashion a shape that pleases most,
Be leading head and creations host.

Then out of black can scream the white
And spectrums form bursts into light.
Feeling touch can split it's range
Existences multiple journey change.

Awaking from a slumber deep
with truth to guide the realist sleep
Freedom fought is sourly found,
Perceptions crash the merry go round.

Arise the form of modern man
With woman standing hand in hand.
A new time to be on lucid ground
Emergence of our lives unbound.

© 2011 N. J. D. L. Rowark

Nathan Rowark is a 33 year old poet who grew up in the County of Hertfordshire. He spent his teenage years in Essex where he started to hone his craft and develop his style.

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