Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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A Haunted House

Richard H. Fay

cobweb draperies
mouldering plaster walls
a phantom's home

dusty zephyrs
strange shuffling movements
spectral stirrings

creaking wooden stairs
groaning oaken timbers
unnatural sounds

drifting shadow
soft footsteps in the hall
ghostly presence

an eldritch chill
diabolical whispers
a fell haunting

dark apparitions
dreadful macabre visions
a mortal's fright

wailing spectres
clattering skeletons
midnight revelries

(Originally published in the October 2007 Issue of Tales from the Moonlit Path)

© 2010 Richard H. Fay

Richard H. Fay is an author, artist, and home school dad who resides in Upstate New York. He is inspired by medieval history, myth, and legend, and the classics of fantasy literature. His diverse and interconnected interests drive his artistic endeavour. He writes fantasy prose and poetry, as well as dabbling in science fiction and horror. Recently he has decided to begin writing as more than just a sideline, although he has been writing seriously since the 1980s.

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