Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Restless Souls

by Chris Lavoie

Whispers of dreams
stream quietly down
amongst the shadows,
drifting silently within the crumbling castle,
gazing from atop still towers.

Lurking the afterthoughts of days long past,
while down the halls venture thoughts of the future.
Continuing through each chamber
in search of a purpose, a final destination.

Out into the courtyard, observing
what has come before in hopes of a clue,
some direction in where to go.
In circles led round and round,
until finally heading towards the gate,
where a bridge slowly lowers as they near.

At crossing, many thoughts enter their minds,
some urge them to stay,
while others push forward.
Continue on they must, this they know,
and so cross the bridge and enter the field.

The field spreads green and vast.
Sun shining brightly in the morning sky.
Onward each curiously wandering
for minutes into hours, hours into days,
Dancing and playing amongst tall grass and flowers.

Working their way over snow-covered mountains,
with numbing fingers and frosted noses.
On to sun-dried desert
where lizards sun motionless and
scorpions flutter tails in anticipation.
Over seas ranging in size and temperature.
Swimming far below with the whale
and flying high above with the gull.

Circling the earth
on what seems a hopeless quest
only to return to the field.
In front of the castle once more,
collapsing in frustration.

On their backs, staring at the sky
Clouds take on familiar shapes.
Suddenly realizing, there is no sole purpose
but many for which each exist.

This they quickly accept,
and head back towards the castle.
Once within, they are at peace,
free to rest for all eternity.

© 2011 Chris Lavoie

Chris Lavoie is a writer of poetry and lover of sports. When not running his hardwood floor company he is coaching youth football and basketball. As a father of four wonderful children he can really appreciate the fun in seeing your own children grow.

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