Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Paradise Arrival

by Sven Klöpping

peace, rest and
stars, high above;

illuminated waves,
kissing the sand in

birds, singing of
realms too far away;

and my soul is digging
for a sense beyond
the water;

it’s interrupted by waves,
dark and voicy;

there’s something in their
whispering, a secret
for a nosy stranger;

I’m stepping forward,
like Adam bit into the apple;

and leaving eternal life, I’m
touching the waterlungs
of earth in the same time;

with my wet feet full of
I choose my slow-mo drowning.

© 2011 Sven Klöpping

Sven Klöpping is a German sci-fi and poetry writer who translates his German sci-fi stories for the English speaking readership by himself (and occassionally writes originial English poetry, as you see at the bottom of this page). He published his English sci-fi stories in several fiction magazines such as Fantastic Metropolis, Internova, Planet Magazine. For Internova, he serves as co-editor. In Germany his fiction is published by the major sci-fi zines like Nova, c't or phantastisch. In 2001, he has published a sci-fi short story collection named "MegaFusion" (setting is a city covering nearly the whole planet) which will be translated step by step. A second German story compilation came out in November 2010. For an English "MegaFusion" book project Sven is looking for a publisher. Interested? Just e-mail Sven. Want to read some sample stories? More information on the concept and world of MegaFusion on the MegaFusion info site. Read more at Sven's home page

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