Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Hairy Mutant

by Mike Berger

The fallout from the mushroom clouds
had triggered wild mutations. Most mutants
died agonizing deaths, but a resilient few
romed the Earth. They were a hairy beasts
with protruding jaws and eyebrows.

They bounced erratically as they walked,
and they grunted. There wasn't a place
on their body that they didn't grow hair.
They had no use for normal folks like me
who were sheltered from the blasts.

While out scavenging for food I heard
a strange buzzing noise. I was approached
buy one of these creatures; a grotesque
thing. It seemed preoccupied and didn't
see me. It walked right into me. We stared
ask each other and the creature stepped back.

I took out my nine mil Beretta and pointed
it at the beast. It held up one hand as
there was that buzzing noise again. The
thing reached into its pocket and pulled out
a Blackberry. It said, "Would you put that
gun way; it's blocking my reception."

© 2010 Mike Berger

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