Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Coney Island Feast

by Mike Berger

Not finding a place to land in New York,
the aliens put their space ship down on
Coney Island.

As their flying saucer slid to a stop,
they charged out and began gobbling
up people who were too afraid
to run.

The two green amorphous blobs waddled
around, munching as they went. Ravenous
from their long space flight, they ate
everything in sight.

One off the green gelatinous creatures
caught a Coney Island clown; he took a
bite and promptly spit it out.

The other blob asked what was wrong.
The first blob gave a rumbling belch and
said, "This tastes kinda funny to me."

© 2010 Mike Berger

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