Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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by Mike Berger

The creature was less than five feet tail.
It had one large eye and two holes for ears;
there was no nose or mouth. The beautiful
Doctor Resplendent examined the alien
life form. It was found frozen in the Arctic,
and was brought back to area 259.

It was carbon-based and looked much
like a human. It had just one massive
lung. The air must be thin on its planet.
It was bright yellow; smooth, without
any hair.

Suddenly, its giant eye opened. A buzzing
sound emanated from within its tiny head.
"Water", it uttered. "I need water." Doctor
Resplendent look puzzled. "Just pour it
on me, I drink through osmosis." As the
water splashed on the creature, it sighed,

What seemed a friendly gesture, the creature
thrust out its two-fingered hand and grabbed the
doctor's hand. A terrible feeling filled the doctor’s
body. She quivered. The creature released its
grip and gasped, "Thank you! I've been in
suspended animation far too long. My sex
organs are in my hands."

© 2010 Mike Berger

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