Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Space Message

by Stephen Jarrell Williams

We have heard you squeaking
in our majestic sleep

why will you not stop

always annoying
our dreams
amounting to more
than your existence

running our fingers
through our galaxy hair
opening our super-sun eyes

blinking in your direction
yawning your world away.

© 2009 Stephen Jarrell Williams

Stephen Jarrell Williams loves to write, listen to his music, and dance late into the night. He was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. His parents are native Texans. He has lived most of his life in California. His poetry has appeared in Anthology, Aphelion, Avocet, Blue Collar Review, The Broome Review, Byline Magazine, Chronogram Magazine, Fissure Magazine, Freefall, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Hawaii Review, HUNGUR, Liquid Imagination, Nerve Cowboy, Mirror Dance, POEM, Poesia, Posey, Purpose, REAL, Tales from the Moonlit Path, Unfettered Verse, and many others.

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