Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Space Thing

by Mike Berger

The creature is eight feet
tall and colored bright vermillion.
It looks like the scarecrow
from the Wizard of Oz. It
didn't move, it flapped.

It had two cantaloupe eyes
and a vertical mouth. It
was scaly like a fish and
is incredibly ugly.

Its voice is mechanical.
It must have been run
through a translator. It
paused in all the wrong places.

"Come to our---planet, Kkloron
for two---years", it droned.
"As part of a cultural exchange?"
I asked. "No---", it replied.
"You earthlings---are ugly but
---a novelty on Kkloron---
I am---a recruiter---for Wal-Mart."

© 2009 Mike Berger

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