Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Quiet Desperation

Be not too noisy

by Richard Tornello

The quiet before the storm, subsuming in the brain and psyche/Only to explode
Or soon to erupt and brain’s short circuit/ carry on as if nothing has happened
One day to the next/ j-us-t doing doing.
All potential drained,stomped by the everyday/requirements of existence and the dollar
Euro, Pound or yen/ the accoutrements of good living abound, underneath this truth all lies/
To one’s self toward others.
The drinks@ the bar, @ the coffee shop@ the table alone, what is true and real/what lies
Underneath these layers of living, stratified thinking, layered years, not living to
Ones/hers/his self/ what ever that may be was.
This is living watch the tube/screen,live through others, be part of the team, for all
Intents and purposes/not real. Only the player, the serf, beholden to the owner,
Traded bought and sold, chattel/cattle, they are real, everyone else?
Cows milked/bilked and how far removed from reality.

Today, 20 years ago, tomorrow what will it be for most? Survival it’s not quite.
Middle class is quiet/Upper class-ruling elite they exist don’t deny,
the tip of that iceberg was seen observers Viewed in Mr. Cheney VP,
one saw if you really looked, what power really is about/throughout the ages
today, 2000 years ago tomorrow, Tianan Men Square here there/ no right no
wrong j-us-t how it works, most real.

Underneath the smiles, look @ the eyes, look into the eyes/the truth/only
A few are real we all no/how to mouth the words, play the game
act the act upon the stage. And we do what else
can we do/choices/a revolution/of 1?
What revolution but around again, changing not changing and why
Would any one care.
Go to work, make do, make out, make play follow the herd
What’s on the street/screen/tube prechewed, news entertainment
Even the thinking class, a scrap a fight for
Position one, is too bold, no sale and then.
You’re dead they ate your head.

© 2009 Richard Tornello

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