Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Orion's Belt

by Ben Cooper

I floated numb in the vacuum,
My seals leaking. A fine mist clung
To my visor, shining like stars.
The hiss of life escaping me.

I watched Orion's belt pinwheel,
Three metallic studs glittering
Against the black leather of space.
Each second an infinity.

The skeleton of the cruiser
Oxidised high in the planet's
Atmosphere, a scorched rose in bloom.
Alone, I waited for the end.

Space shattered and you were with me.

© 2009 Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper is a writer from Devon in England and is just beginning to submit his science fiction out to the market. His previous publications have been non-fiction articles and reviews for Bass Guitar Magazine. His website address is www.bencooper-sf.com

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