Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Cyborg At A Restaurant

by Richard Tornello

“She’s so cute” a patron matron said.
“Yes she is and a cyborg too.”
“A what?” from the matron patron.
"We’re from Honda and THIS is a prototype
We are working the bugs out."

“In-put out-put.
All around the town.”
“Hush!” says the mother
“Don’t say that!”

“They’ll never believe me.”

To the patron matron:
“See, feel. The skin cold to the touch.”
“Don’t touch her.”
“Stop that”, I’m scolded.

“It’s a secret project,” I retold while looking bold.

The paton matron looks at me,
and to her, and her “mom”.
Not sure, but believing, maybe.

“See no one believes me.”
An aside, straight faced all the while, but loud enough to be spied.
“I can tell the truth of our secret prototype,”
Say I……..with authority.

“Hush, Stop that,” I am commanded.

The woman patron says, “she’s so life like.”

“Yes she is.”

My stepdaughter wisks Mackenzie away.
In a huff, though laughing as I sing:
“I’m a little cyborg short and stout,
Here is my in put,
Here is my out.
When I get all jammed, up then I shout
Boot me over,
Restart ,out.”

“He’s a bad man,” her mom says as she stuffs her in her seat.

© 2009 Richard Tornello

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