Aphelion Issue 274, Volume 26
July 2022
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Where Do Dark Times Come From

by Mark Edgemon

Where do dark times come from
A whispered remembrance of sad times long since forgotten
A chilling touch of evil’s beckoning call
A destructive image that I’d rather keep restrained

Where do dark times come from
When my faith is low and my spirit is weak
When the pain in my body vexes my soul
Or I see a moment limited without joy

Where do dark times come from
When I approach a hill I do not want to climb
Or I see myself in my last day’s wanton
With no one to hold my hand

Where do dark times come from
When I fail the ones I love
When my carnal state is standing in front of me
And I cannot see the mirror for his presence

Where do dark times come from
When I reach for what is not
Or imprisoned in self-absorption
Chained in lengths forged by pride

My own self is from where the dark times come
When my eyes are within instead of without
There is no strength in my mortality
But only from the Source of Creation

Darkness comes with each wrong choice
Hammering out my will my own way
Dig deep and you will find a reservoir of joy
With the whole hearted acceptance of Truth

© 2008 Mark Edgemon

Mark Edgemon is a writer in his spare mind and runs a studio production company during the day.

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