Aphelion Issue 296, Volume 28
July 2024 --
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Beauty and the Rose

by Megan Arkenberg

He is in the garden again, tending to his roses. From my bedroom window I can see the sun catching in the gold of his hair, sparkling along his skin as though he were carved of marble. My love did that, I think, missing my embroidery cloth and driving the needle deep into the base of my thumb. My love made him beautiful.

I can only wonder what will happen, now that my love has died.

Blood drops…
a beast in the garden
among thorns.

© 2008 Megan Arkenberg

Megan Arkenberg's work has recently appeared in MindFlights, The Fifth Di... and Scifaikuest. A scifaiku appeared in the July issue of Aphelion. She is also the editor of Mirror Dance, a small fantasy e-zine: http://mirrordancefantasy.blogspot.com.

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