Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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The Study of Man’s Past

by Holly Day

in case of desolation, make sure
you bring your pick ax
there will be no fossils to scrape
clean with dental gear
no hair-feather bones to gently unearth
there will only be walls left
to break down

in case of isolation, make sure
you save your words
there will be no answers
from stone-faced monoliths
covered with weeds save your conversations
for the day the archeologists come.

© 2008 Holly Day

Holly Day is a journalism instructor living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with fiction and poetry publications most recently appearing in Big Hammer, The Long Islander, and Darkling. Her most recent book publications are Music Theory for Dummies, Music Composition for Dummies, and a biography of Columbian pop star Shakira.

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