Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Herd On The Street

by Richard Tornello

A sexy nibble on your lobes?
Gives you tingles, this I know.
Goes to the heart of your desire.
So much better a careful driver.

Your blue toothed lover intones
O please O please my dear.

and you moan,
O please O please my dear,

Please…. PUT IT IN my ear.

Basal ganglia, gets a thrill
every time your 'tooth goes ‘trill.’
Now to this borg you will subsume.
Not a care to appearing
just like an old 42nd Street loon.

In your aural cavity this item is stuffed.
Resembles a penis hanging up.
You really think this is haute couture?
A prick hanging from your ear?

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