Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Many Await

Michaela Sefler

Many await,
for the hour comes
new responses
at the hour of reckoning and awakening is the moment.
And they do strive
a life time, biding
for their secrets hold
and the time will be right.
And the meaning remains within
for it is theirs to keep,
and choosing a way,
is expression unfolding.
And the mysteries are concealed
yet a man still ponders
believing his life
and gifts bestowed.
Living out their fates,
living their destinies
virtuous attempts upholding a lifeline
is the opportunity of man.

© 2008 Michaela Sefler

Michaela Sefler is a mystical poet, living in Canada. Her Poetry is esoteric and alludes to ancient ideals. She has had six published compilations of poetry, the most recent of which, "healing tree," came out in January.

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